This is the official blog of the CulturePlex Laboratory.

The CulturePlex Lab is a multicultural and interdisciplinary endeavour that engages in the study of Cultural Complexity and Digital Humanities. We integrate a variety of disciplines such as Computer Science, Literature, Art, History, Architecture, Linguistics and Mathematics, as an attempt to research cultural interactions and human behaviour through time.

Here at CulturePlex, we recognize the relevance of the dynamic digital evolution of human experience and incorporate this facet into our research and work culture.  Not only do we create innovative tools that aid us in our projects but also ensure their re-usability in other fields. So far, our work has included social network analysis, natural language processing, digitization of texts, text analysis, facial recognition in artwork, creation of pedagogic tools in classroom teaching and foreign language learning, as well as building a user-friendly graph database tool.

Among innovative and interdisciplinary research, our goal is also to train researchers and present them with greater opportunities of professional adaptability. With this in mind, we have so far invited researchers and collaborators of different disciplinary backgrounds from Canada, Costa Rica, Colombia, India, Mexico, Palestine, Spain and USA, and have thus ensured an enriching environment of scholarship.

Here we talk about upcoming events, current projects being worked on and what our members are up to.

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