The BaroqueArt Database: A Relaunch

We wish everyone a happy and wonderfully productive new year!

Here at the CulturePlex, we are beginning the new year with some very good news. We will shortly be relaunching the BaroqueArt Database which will be openly available for researchers everywhere. The BaroqueArtDB is an extensive collection of art works spanning many centuries and geographies, complete with their metadata. Its creation was made possible with SSHRC funding as part of the Hispanic Baroque Project.

This endeavour is part of our efforts to facilitate the advancement of humanities research by encouraging other researchers to share and use our data. To quote SSHRC’s policy on archiving research data, “Sharing data strengthens our collective capacity to meet scholarly standards of openness by providing opportunities to further analyze, replicate, verify and refine research findings.”

With the data from the BaroqueArtDB, we have successfully undertaken many projects and publications, some of them being –

The Casta-Paintings Project [view project blog]

“Sustaining a Global Community: Art and Religion in the Network of Baroque Hispanic-American Paintings”

“The art-space of a global community: the network of Baroque paintings in Hispanic-America”

“Towards a digital geography of Hispanic Baroque art”

This openly available database will provide reusable, downloadable data. We hope it will bring new opportunities of research and collaboration for other researchers, as it has done for us so far.


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