Cultural Networks – The CulturePlex Lab at International Week

It’s that time of year again; Western University is celebrating International week, and so are we! The CulturePlex Lab is hosting an Open House on Nov. 12th where we will talk of our global cultural networks and international collaborations.

We will have various stations within the Lab exhibiting some of our collaborative projects and tools. We will essentially be showing a sample of how we’ve built our own networks using these collaborative tools that everyone can use anywhere in the world.

A few of the projects being showcased are:

SylvaDB: A user-friendly graph database management tool that has been used to build and study international networks of collaboration and publishing.

– Festos: The demonstration of the tool will also include an understanding of the application of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in different languages.

Yutzu: A multimedia tool for content collection and collaboration without borders.

Zap Learning (Dr. Glearning): A user-friendly game-learning mobile app (also accessible on browsers) that aids distance education as well as makes the content available at a global scale. The demonstration will include how students view the apps and also, how instructors can create their own content.

Most of these tools have been successfully used in classroom settings as teaching tools: for in-class teaching, evaluations and collaborative projects by students.

We look forward to a great turnout. You are all most welcome to UC 113 and 114!



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  1. We can now link festos to its own site: 😀

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