A month for conferences

October has been action-packed so far, and promises to be even more so in the next few days. Last week, Dr. Juan Luis Suárez, the Director of the CulturePlex Lab, was part of a roundtable panel on Interdisciplinarity at the conference, “Contesting Identities: A Symposium of the Hispanic Baroque Project” held in Vanderbilt University. Also present at the panel were Dr. Jesús Pérez-Magallón of McGill University and Dr. Karen Stolley of Emory University.

Coming up this week is David Brown‘s presentation on “Networks of Culture: A Graph-Driven Approach to Understanding Publishing in the Spanish Golden Age” as part of “Sixteenth Century Society Conference” to be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The end of the month will be marked by another presentation by Dr. Suárez titled, “La simulación de movimientos sociales y culturales: el Barroco” (the simulation of social and cultural movements: the Baroque.) The conference, “Clío Digital: Métodos Contemporáneos para la Historia” organized by the MAPFRE Foundation will be held in Madrid on October 30th and will be centered on digital history –

“La tecnología digital afecta al acceso a las fuentes, la configuración
de los objetos de estudio y la forma de trabajar con ellos. Más que una revolución
global, la historia digital es en estos momentos una suma de pequeñas revoluciones
que se extienden a multitud de campos.”

[Digital technology affects access to sources, configuration of objects of study and way of working with these objects. More than being a global revolution, digital history is, at this moment, a sum of small revolutions which are spreading to a multitude of fields.]susanbrown



In addition to this, a follow up to our DH Speaker Series is a talk by Dr. Susan Brown titled, “Net-­Works: Meaningful Links and Literary History on the Web”.  Here’s to a happy and productive week!

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