Good news all around!

The last few days have been all about good news for us, here at CulturePlex. We were featured on Western University’s homepage! We’d like to thank Jo Jennings and Jeff Renaud for their initiative and support for our research.


An excerpt from the article

“A landmark study by The Cultureplex Lab at Western University has explored Hispanic Baroque like no previous research project of its kind. By combining traditional research tools of the humanities with complex data analysis from the sciences, Cultureplex Lab principal investigator Juan-Luis Suárez and his team have developed new methodologies which have ignited research capabilities of this ever-influential cultural phenomena (and all other digital humanities research for that matter), figuratively – not literally – transporting the game-changing study through space and time.”

There has been more fantastic news: last weekend proved successful for our resident Super Programmer, Javier de la Rosa, who participated in the Neo4j Driver Hackathon at GraphConnect San Francisco. He won the Graphies second year in a row, this time for the Most Innovative Community Contribution. We present to you the proud award winner!


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