New Term, New Goals.

Welcome back to the new academic year! These are exciting times at the CulturePlex Lab. The last six months have been incredibly active and have flown past before we knew it. We might even say that we’ve practically been to all corners of the world and back. As of now, we have touched the (literal and figurative) coasts of Mexico, Iceland, Nebraska USA, Victoria BC, Toronto ON and, most recently, Brazil and Japan.

The team has had an active presence at HASTAC ‘13, DH2013 and DHSI2013, and we’re gearing up with our applications for DH2014. Among other exciting news is the addition of a distinguished Doctor in our midst – our own Elika Ortega successfully defended her thesis early September, and is now a Postdoctoral Fellow at CulturePlex. She has talked of her academic adventures here and is now headed to breezy NYC for yet another conference. In addition to this, Javier (or as he really should be known – Lord of the Matrix) will be jet-setting to sunny California for GraphConnect where he will use his powers in a  two day long hackathon, coding for his Python Driver Neo4j-REST-Client.

After all this, it seems there’s hardly time to take a breath as we dive into another series of talks, conferences, projects and visits. First up, the Digital Humanities Speaker Series welcomes the Director of the Stratford Festival Archives, Dr. Francesca Marini. F_Marini_PosterHer talk titled, “Devising a Digital Strategy for the Stratford Festival Archives” will be about the challenges of organizing the Stratford Festival’s archives while also addressing the digital needs of the users of this extensive performing arts archive. We look forward to active participation and turnout for the series this year!

More updates on projects to follow.

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