2012 ended with an Award for CulturePlex!

Happy New Year to all of you that are taking the time to read this blog!  Hopefully your 2013 has been off to an great start.

For us, there are many exciting projects ahead, but for now, we would like to reminisce back to 2012 for one last time; specifically, the end of 2012, when we received the news of a great recognition for one of our colleagues at CulturePlex.   Javier de la Rosa won the award for Most Innovative Educational Graph Application by the inaugural GraphConnect Awards (“Graphies”).


Best mail ever received by Javier!


As described by the organizers themselves, The Graphies “are the only awards that recognize and showcase individuals and teams who are developing awesome, innovative graph database applications”. Entries for the competition came from all over the world and from many different industries: projects based in the United States, Europe and India all showcased ways in which graph database technology can solve challenges related to connected data. The inaugural winning entries included projects from organizations ranging from Fortune 2000 companies, such as Adobe Systems and Cisco Systems, to startups such as Squidoo and Viadeo.  The CulturePlex winning project was Sylva, a platform created by Javier de la Rosa and the CulturePlex team of developers, using Neo4j at the core.  Sylva features an interface that is easy to use and requires no programming knowledge.  

Congratulations again to its developer, Javier de la Rosa!  Even though we got side tracked for a bit, as this amazing news came at the end of a busy term, we are all very proud of you, Javi!  Well done!

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  1. We also went to Mexico where we participated in the First Encounter of Digital Humanists in Mexico . Dr. Glearning, one of our newest projects was welcomed by everyone there.

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