The VL3 at the Second Language Research Forum (SLRF)

The 31st edition of the international Second Language Research Forum (SLRF) conference will be taking place this coming up weekend (October 18th -21st, 2012) on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg.  The overall theme – Building Bridges Between Disciplines: SLA in Many Contexts – of SLRF 2012 is particularly interesting for us as it sets the perfect environment to show the VL3, a CulturePlex project that brings together a variety of different fields of study: from theoretical Linguistics, to Second Language Acquisition and Language Teaching, to Computer Science.

What is the VL3?

The VL3 is essentialy a virtual environment designe to give foreign language learners the opportunity to improve their communicative skills in the target language by participating in a set of predefined conversation scenarios that closely mimic real life situations.  The VL3 platform (and app), provides an artificially intelligent avatar that will take the role of a native speaker in order for language learners to be able to practice conversation in the language they are learning.  The VL3 is a research project heavily based on linguistic and second language acquisition research that stands at its core.

At SLRF, we will show how combining this research with advancements in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and the power of technology, amazing and useful results can come out of the mix.

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