What we are doing?

In the last post we told you all about the different activities we did during the last academic year and we will use this space to put you up to speed with what we are doing this year and this term in particular.

As usual we have started in full swing, with many things on the go.  We welcomed two new graduate students, Nandita Dutta who will be doing her Phd. and Natalia Caldas who is working on a Master’s Degree.  Take the time to read their blogs and learn all about their adaptation process here at the Lab: seems like they are having a good time.  Welcome, Natalia and Nandita!

We have also started a new and exciting project called Preliminaries and our colleague David Brown tells us all about it in his blog post.

One of the most exciting news however is the start of the new Minor in Digital Humanities at Western University.  Dr. Juan Luis Suarez, director of the CulturePlex Lab has played an important role in the realization of this new academic program and will be teaching his first DH course, Digital Creativity in the Winter term.

The CulturePlex schedule is very active throughout the term: we will be hosting guest speakers from many different places, holding workshops for the entire university community (see poster attached), writing, going to conferences and finally, towards the end of the term (November) hold an Open House event where we will share some of our most exciting projects with everyone on and off campus.

Remember to follow us on twitter (@cultureplex) and Facebook and stay up to date with all the exciting activity!

May you all have a great start to the week!



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