To Another Successful Year!

What better motivation to start a new Academic year, than having just ended a very successful one?  As we are getting ready to embarque on new adventures and take on new challenges   during 2012-2013, we will take this space to remember some of the exciting things we did last year.

It was a promising year from its very beginning with a conference presentation at Kyoto University in Japan, were Dr. Suárez and Dr. Caprrini also won the best paper award.

Following, was the publication of the paper titled “The Potosi Principle: Religious prosociality fosters self-organization of larger communities” by Juan Luis Suárez et. al. This was the first of a number of other papers that were published in renowned journals during the year. All publications can be found and downloaded on the CulturePlex website.

In February we attended the 13th Annual Conference on the Conservation of Contemporary Art at the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid, where Yutzu, one of the CulturePlex projects, received much attention from all the attendees.   Following the conference, Dr. Juan Luis Suárez was invited to speak on Digital Humanities and Cultural Complexity at the MediaLab Prado in Madrid.  This talk has resonated with many across Europe and shortly after that Dr. Suarez received an invitation to appear as a guest speaker on the Para Todos las Dos show on Spain’s national television

We also went to Mexico where we participated in the First Encounter of Digital Humanists in Mexico. Dr. Glearning, one of our newest projects was welcomed by everyone there.

In July we travelled to Hamburg, Germany, where we presented the VL3 and A Digital Geography of the Hispanic Baroque at DH2012.

Even at home we have been very busy: aside from coming up with new and exciting projects such as Dr. Glearning, we have also actively participated in the launch of the Barroco Nova Catalogue and helped in the organization of the GL 2012 THATCamp.

There was definitely much happening at CulturePlex last year and we are looking forward to all the exciting things that are awaiting us in 2012-2012.

To everyone out there that reads our blogs: we hope you have a fabulous year as well!

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