At the DH2012 Conference in Hamburg, Germany

The DH2012 conference is now over, we are back to lovely London and are extremely excited to have had the opportunity to participate in this year’s international conference on Digital Humanities, hosted by the University of Hamburg in Germany.

So many things to talk about … many interesting presentations, people from all over the world, a growing community of those interested in this exciting field of study.  Not to mention the beautiful and I mean truly beautiful city of Hamburg.  A big thank you to the organizing committee for making sure that the daily rain didn’t stop us from exploring the city: very handy those umbrellas you handed out as part of the registration package!

But, although we made sure we enjoyed the city as much as possible, we were – after all – there ‘on business’.  The CulturePlex Team had two presentations at the DH2012 Conference. On Wednesday, July 18th, Dr. Juan Luis Suarez presented his paper: “A Digital Geography of Hispanic Baroque Art”.   To read the full version of the abstract, you can click here.  Also, the Yutzu below includes the actual presentation as well as some other useful links related to the congress.

Then, on Friday July, 20th, Camelia Nunez and Antonio Jimenez Mavillard, presented another one of the lab’s projects, The VL3.  The full abstract can be read here and you can listen to the actual lecture by clicking on this link.  Furthermore, the Yutzu below provides a compilation of conference related information.  Check it out!

And so the week came to an end, and never did we miss the rain as much as we do right now.  Great times at DH2012 in beautiful and rainy Hamburg.

Bis nächstes Mal, Deutschland!



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