Dr. Glearning at the DH Reunion in Mexico

Tomorrow, one of the CulturePlex newest projects, Dr. Glearning will be part of the 1st Digital Humanities Reunion that takes place in Mexico City.  The Dr. Glearning poster, prepared by our colleague Elika Ortega, will be available throughout the day at the conference tomorrow.  But if you are unable to make it all the way there (and if you speak Spanish), here is a sneak preview of the information Elika will be sharing with those interested in knowing more about our mobile platform.

by Elika Ortega, Javier de la Rosa and Juan Luis Suarez

Those attending the conference will also have the opportunity to experience with the Dr. Glearning activities on their smart phones right than and there and take advantage of the fact that Elika – our Glearning Guru – will be there to explain first hand the ins and outs of Dr. Glearning.

But you mustn’t worry: should you not be able to attend the DH reunion in Mexico, but are eager to check out some of the Dr. Glearning activities, you can always download the app to your phone by going here here.  Furthermore, should you have any questions, Elika (eortegag@uwo.ca) herself will be more than happy to to get back to you.

Good luck tomorrow, Elika!


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