Did you miss the 2012 Great Lakes That Camp @ Western?

… this post will fill you in.

As you most likely know, we ended the Winter term with two presentations at the 2012 Great Lakes That Camp that took place at Western University this year.  The conference was a great success and participants engaged in many interesting discussions.   (For more insight on the event, Monica Rettig, one of the conference attendees, shared her impressions via her blog).

The CulturePlex Lab shared two of their latest project with the conference participants.  In fact, it was the first time we presented Dr. Glearning, our new platform for mobile educational games.  Our colleagues, Javier de la Rosa and Elika Ortega introduced us to the platform and then assisted us in creating our own educational games in Dr. Glearning.    Believe it or not, we had learned how to use  it and were able to create our own activities in no time at all.  Most importantly however, we had a lot of fun doing it.  If you would like to check out Dr. Glearning, you can download your app by going here.

In the morning, Dr. Juan Luis Suarez and Dr. Anabel Quan-Haase, presented a new and improved Sylva: the graph database management system that we have been working on during the past year.  If you are a researcher (with no programming knowledge) that needs to create a database management system in order to collect, visualize and query large data sets, then Sylva is the tool for you.  Furthermore, you can do all this collaboratively or on your own.  The one hour and a half workshop held by Dr. Suarez and Dr. Quan-Haase gave us plenty of time to learn about the tool as well as create our first graph and determine  the relationships between the conference attendees, for example.

The Yutzus embeded in this blogs are the actual presentations that were used at the (un)conference.  Take some time to look at them and feel free to contact us with any further questions or comments regarding the lab projects.

You can always reach us at contact@cultureplex.ca

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