At the Medialab Prado in Madrid

After a successful presence at the 13th Conference on the Conservation of Contemporary Art at Museo Reina Sofia over the weekend,  Dr. Juan Luis Suarez, will be spending the day tomorrow at the Medialab Prado in Madrid.

Medialab Prado is an interdisciplinary organization made possible by the Department of Arts of the City Council of Madrid.  The lab promotes research, production and dissemination of the digital culture within and between disciplines in many different areas such as art, science, technology etc.   The lab organizes regular training workshops, theoretical seminars, talks, presentations and roundtables directed to individuals from any professional background.

Tomorrow, February 21st, Dr. Suarez will be leading a seminar titled Digital Humanities and Cultural Complexity: Research, Concepts, Practicesin which he will discuss some of the changes that have taken place in the field of the Humanities and what it is that makes it necessary for humanists to move into a more interdisciplinary and collaborative direction.  Some of the issues Dr. Suarez will be addressing during tomorrow’s talk include the following:

1. Where do values come from? New approaches to culture.

2. The Baroque Mind: cultural complexity in a globalized world.

3. “The Hispanic Baroque Project“: Systems Theory, technological tools, humanistic slotuions.

4. The Digital Humanities: porposals and models.

5. What will the 21st century humanist look like?

6. The CulturePlex Lab: a lab for the cultural complexity and Digital Humanities.

7. It all starts with research and creativity.

There are certainly many interesting points Dr. Suarez will be touching on during tomorrow’s seminar and we are happy to let you know that the Medialab Prado will be providing live streaming of the event through their website.



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