With Great News from Japan

Yes, the CulturePlex Lab has made it all the way to Japan!!

From October 20 to October 22, Dr. Juan Luis Suarez and Dr. Fernando Sancho Caparrini will be participating in The Second International Conference on Culture and Computing that is taking place at the Kyoto University in Japan.

The paper presented reflects the results of a multi- disciplinary collaboration in Digital Humanities that focuses on the multi-scale analysis of the network of Baroque paintings in the territories of the Hispanic Monarchy from the 16th through the 18th centuries. The paper applies graph analysis and visualizations as well as natural language analysis over a database of over 11,000 artworks in order to address three types of questions related, respectively, to the formation and sustainability of large cultures, the semantic content of the network we analyze, and the role of art as an institution that contributes to sustain large-scale societies. The results also help to design a methodology that can be exported to other projects in Digital Humanities.

And if being in Japan was not exciting enough, we just got word that their paper was chosen as a finalist for best paper at the Conference.  This has certainly turned out to be a great trip for the CulturePlex team.  Congratulations, or as they say in the language of your hosting country: omedetou!

You can also keep up with their adventures in Japan by reading Dr. Suarez’ blog.

Best of luck with the presentation and yes, we hope you are the winning paper!!!



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  1. AFana says:

    great job!

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