Farewell Dr. Arriaga!

This summer, as some of you were travelling the world, our colleague and friend, Eduard Arriaga was busy completing his Phd. Dissertation, which he successfully defended on July 20th.

Eduard’s  dissertation titled “Multiple Temporalities at the Crossroads: Artistic Representations of ‘Afro’ in Latin America and the Hispanic World in Globalization”, explores the artistic representation of ‘afro’ in the Hispanic world (or the culture built upon the legacies of Africans and African-descendants in the New World and especially in the Caribbean) during the current stage of globalization. He argues that afro-artistic contemporary representations are overcoming traditional ones   -bound to race as a biological signifier- and instead, they have become complex works where several cultural, transnational and temporal values overlap with each other in their configuration. Through the study of writers, artists and musical groups such as Ricardo Aleixo (Brazil), Yvonne America Truque (Colombia-Canada), Donato Ndongo (Guinea-Spain), ChocQuibTown (Colombia), Voodoo Souljhas (Colombia), Liliana Angulo (Colombia) and Fabio Melecio Palacio (Colombia), among others, he was able to establish a complex initial model to understand contemporary processes of artistic representation. Likewise, under a trans-disciplinary framework (which combines theories of Social Sciences, Humanities and Complexity) he had the opportunity to discuss varied themes such as Afro-Latin American and Caribbean identity, literary and artistic representation, Latin America and globalization, cultural transmission, gender, and Latin American cultural industries among others.

And, as one episode of his life comes to an end, a brand new one commences at State University of New York at Albany where he will be working as Visiting Assistant Professor of Hispanic and Italian Studies in the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures. He will be teaching Composition and Conversation as well as Literature of the Hispanic Caribbean, and Introduction to Literary Mothods.   For more information about Eduard’s new position at Suny Albany, you can visit his profile.

About his new job, Eduard says: “I am quite excited because I will have the opportunity of implementing my expertice in Cultural complexity, complexity theory as well as Digital Humanities”.

About his life at UWO in London, Ontario, Canada, he confesses: “I will miss the unspeakable amounts of snow (sarcastically speaking – I think …) and most of all, the opportunity that Western gave me to research and explore innovative paths”.

And about him leaving,  we say: We will miss you and we are so proud of you! Don’t forget: we are always one email (text, bbm, whatsapp … whichever) away.  Afterall, technology is our thing here at CulturePlex.

Best of luck, Eduard!  They are lucky to have you at SUNY.

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