Technologies of Humanism by Juan Luis Suarez

Just this past week, the CulturePlex was happy to announce the publication of the latest book by Dr. Juan Luis Suarez. Technologies of Humanism, the editorial novelty of Bibliotheca Montaniana, is a study of Spanish humanism and the technological solutions it has developed in order to solve some of the informative and thus cultural problems that derive from the discovery of America. Contact with America is understood here as the fundamental trigger of the first globalization of the modern world. Globalization, in turn, refers to the expansion and redesign of human communication networks, trade and commerce and exponential increase of the human nodes with which a humanist could potentially get to interact. America will then be synonymous with complexity for humanism.

Technologies of Humanism proposes that the key element of humanism is the development of a set of cultural technologies aimed at reducing uncertainty by organizing the cognitive, social and institutional processes that facilitate cultural transmission and reproduction.

The CulturePlex Team would like to congratulate Dr. Suarez on his latest achievement.  You are an inspiration to all of us and we wish you every success in all your future academic endevours.

Dr. Suarez is also the author of the following titles:

Los mundos virtuales de Calderón.  Special Dossier of Anuario Calderoniano 4 (2010): in press. Editor.

Herederos de Proteo: una teoría del humanismo español. Huelva: Universidad de Huelva (Bibliotheca Montaniana), 2008.

La complejidad y sus ciencias. Special Dossier of Revista de Occidente 323 (2008): 1-164. Editor.

Polindo (Guía de lectura) [Toledo: Juan de Villaquirán, 1526]. (Guías de lectura caballeresca 22). Madrid: Centro de Estudios Cervantinos, 2005.

Ángulos y perspectivas: Reconsideración de la dramaturgia aurisecular . Monograph of the Revista Canadiense de Estudios hispánicos 29.1, Fall 2004. Co-editor, with J. Pérez-Magallón and Ignacio Arellano.

El escenario de la imaginación. Calderón en su teatro . Pamplona: Universidad de Navarra (Anejos de Rilce 42), 2002.

El pensamiento de Pedro de Valencia. Escepticismo y modernidad en el humanismo español . Badajoz: Diputación Provincial, 1997.

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