CulturePlex and RedHD

During their travel to Mexico City for the INCAA Meeting in Mexico City this past month, some of the CulturePlex members also attended the Fourth workshop held by RedHD, a network of scholars doing Digital Humanities in Spanish.  The meeting took place at the Instituto de investigaciones bibliográficas and was organized by Dr. Isabel Galina and Dr. Ernesto Priani.

Digital Humanities is a new field of study and as is often the case with novelty in academia, it has encountered resistance among scholars.  The Spanish speaking world is no exception; thus the need for an organization like RedHD that essentially aims to create awareness and most importantly, educate on the topic.  As in many other cases, the field of Digital Humanities in the Spanish speaking world has run into challenges such as lack of academic recognition, limited funding, as well as few opportunities to share their knowledge on the topic. In order to overcome these challenges researchers with different academic backgrounds from universities such as UNAM, Tec de Monterrey and The University of Western Ontario have got together under the umbrella of RedHD in an attempt to support the field of Digital Humanities by organizing regular meetings, setting project evaluation standards and publicizing both, inside and outside the Academia.

During the meeting two of our colleagues at CulturePlex Elika Ortega and Manuel Sanchez, agreed to be part of the RedHD and collaborate on different projects such as the network´s website.  The CulturePlex members also took the opportunity to introduce some of of the tools developed within in our lab such as Yutzu and Sylva that may also be used by the organization in the future.

Furthermore, we are also happy to inform that since the meeting, members of the RedHD have published a special issue in Revista Digital Universitaria.

Congratulations on what seems to have been a very productive fourth meeting and we are looking forward for further collaborations!

Without further ado, I would like to thank my colleague and friend Elika Ortega for providing me with the information for this blog.



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