CulturePlex at the INCCA Meeting in Mexico City

Hola from Mexico!

Dr. Juan Luis Suarez, Director of the CulturePlex Laboratory and Dr. Fernando Sancho Caparrini from the University of Seville have currently travelled to Mexico for the International Network for the Conservation of Contemporary Art meeting that took place in Mexico City.

This year’s meeting was hosted by the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (Escuela Nacional de Conservación, Restauración y Museografía), the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (Centro Nacional de Conservación y Registro del Patrimonio Artístico Mueble) and the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México UNAM (Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo) and took place from the 13th to the 15th of July.

The title of Dr. Suarez and Dr. Caparrini’s presentation was “Una metodología para la gestión digital del arte contemporáneo en Iberoamérica: conceptos y herramientas“. Throughout their talk they described much of the digital work carried out at CulturePlex and offered as examples projects developed in the lab, such as Cvltvre, Yutzu, Sylva etc.

We were happy to find out that the presentation was very well received by everyone at INCCA and much interest was expressed towards the work carried out in the CulturePlex Laboratory. Fellow CulturePlex colleagues Élika Ortega and Manuel Sánchez who happen to be doing research in Mexico for the summer, demonstrated team spirit and made it a point to attend the INCCA meeting.  Congratulations on yet another successful conference participation!

Tomorrow June 16th, Dr. Suarez and Dr. Caparrini will be reuniting with Dr. Shiddarta Vázquez Córdoba, one of the newest CulturePlex Alumni, in Puebla. Among other things, they will also explore different possibilities for future collaborations.  We wish them the best of luck and send our warmest greetings to our former CulturePlex fellow, Shiddarta.  We certainly look forward to the possibility of working with you in the future!

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  1. Andrea says:

    ¡El dream team!

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