Lab Presentation Series: The VL3

This past Friday during our usual presentation series we talked abut the Lab’s newest project: the VL3 (The Virtual Language Learning Lab).

As mentioned in the previous post, the VL3 aims to become a virtual laboratory where language learners can practice their target language in real life scenarios through the use of Natural Language Processing software.

Although we are at the early stages of this project, we have already taken a few important steps towards its realization.   The following three steps of the preliminary research phase have been completed:

1. Survey of the theoretical literature of the participant fields involved;

2. Completion of a thorough analysys of beginner and intermediate Spanish textbooks in order to extract the relevant grammatical and lexical content.

3. Completion of a “Learning Preferences Questionaire” and its distribution to beginner, intermediate and advanced undegraduate students enrolled in Spanish language courses in a Canadian post-secondary institution.

We will now be analyzing the information we have gathered through the use of innovative tools developed in the CulturePlex Laboratory such as Sylva, for example. Once we have throughly analyzed this information we will more into the second phase of the VL3 project which is the design of the Conversation Scenarios.

For more information on the progress of the VL3, you can also follow the Yutzu presentation that will be updated on a regular basis.

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