Learning about Architecture at CulturePlex

Before telling you about Mohammed’s presentation, we would first like to officially welcome him to the CulturePlex team.  Mohammed is the newest CulturePlex member who has just joined us from the University of Seville where he studied architecture.

During his first presentation, an introduction to what for many of us is an unknown field, Mohammed took us on a journey from the primitive hut or the origins of architecture, to today’s architectural wonders of Zaha Hadid.

In his presentation, Mohammed compared architecture to language; a language that can at times be very coded (the classical period, for example) and one with great freedom of composition at others.  According to Mohammed, understanding architecture as a form of language is what allows us, by analogy with written language, to state that it is necessary to learn how to read in order to learn how to write architectural language as well.

Thus, although it is expected that all architects can write (produce architecture) there will also be those who can write poetry (produce extraordinary architecture). In both cases however, they must have first learned how to read architecture or how to architecturally interpret an environment.

Furthermore, Mohammed suggested that designing a new building in a city is like writing a new word in a paragraph. In order to do it well it is first necessary to develop tools of conceptualization and analysis that will reveal and identify signs and relationships between all other elements in the built environment.

To end his presentation, Mohammed introduced us to the “glass and steel” language used by Ludwig Mies in most of his American work as well as the more technological, curvier and more feminine architecture of Zaha Hadid.

Thank you Mohammed for such an inspiring introduction into the world of architecture.  We are definitely looking forward to decoding this brand new language with you. Welcome to CulturePlex!

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  1. Mohammed Afana says:

    Thank you for having me !
    All my best,

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