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Hello again CulturePlex followers.

As some of us were participating in ThatCamp over the weekend, one of our colleagues, Andrea Avila took a trip to Quebec City with the purpose of visiting La Caserne de Robert Lepage the talented Canadian director, playwright, actor and film maker.  This was an exciting experience for Andrea especially since part of her thesis on contemporary theatricality is dedicated to studying Lepage’s creative and original approach to theatre.  Andrea was excited to tell us that while at The Caserne of Robert Lepage she met a group of artists currently working on the second part of The Image Mill, a very interesting and creative project.  The Image Mill consists in the projection of historical images of Quebec, the fortress city and will be inaugurated on June 28th.  This year’s display of images counts with 3D technology and spectators will be able to enjoy the show with 3D glasses as they would in a movie theatre.  This kind of work is a a perfect example of theatricality in the 21st century and meeting its creators was without a doubt, a rewarding experience for Andrea, both academically and personally.  Next step: road trip to Quebec City!

And so the travelling season for CulturePlex members begins.  As Andrea is back at the lab,  Eduard Arriaga is getting ready to present at this year’s Congress organized by the Canadian Association of Hispanists in Fredericton and Juan Luis Suarez, Fernando Sancho Caparrini and Javier de la Rosa are flying to Budapest for the 2nd Leonardo Satellite Symposium.

Don’t miss out on all our travels this summer and the exciting projects coming out of the CulturePlex Lab.

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