About the Corridos and Multiple Temporalities

Friday Presentations have by now become a tradition here at CulturePlex and today it was Manuel and Eduard´s turn to give us an update on the progress they have made with their thesis.

Manuel Sanchez´s thesis explores the musical genre of the “Corridos” in Mexico and the USA. The “Corridos” have caught Manuel´s attention, because as he puts it, “they are very much alive and constantly evolving, and have not become a piece of museum folklore (as they were destined to)”. The “Corrido” originates in the medieval ballad and in the Spanish romance. Moreover it appears to carry an informative as well as a narrative function. By analyzing the lyrics of the “Corridos”, Manuel is hoping to establish patterns that will make sense at the narrative level. Specifically, he will analyze the speech acts and discursive analysis in order to find the heroic and antiheroic nature of Mexican characters in this musical genre.

Eduard Arriga, now in the process of finishing his thesis, spoke about one of its central themes: time. Eduard suggests that multiple temporalities are at the core of understanding diverse artistic representations of afro in the globalization. He points out to the different processes of organization and reorganization of many different cultural, social, and artistic representations that have emerged and thus added complexity to our world understanding. In the midst of this landscape new particular images and representations of afro, in artistic terms come up and take part in the global conversation. In today´s presentation, Eduard argued that contemporary artistic representations of afro are based on multiple temporalities as both ways to represent (produce) and to understand (receive) diverse cultural positions toward modern racial and cultural constructions as afro.

That was it for today. Tomorrow and Sunday the CulturePlex Team will be participating in The Humanities and Technology Camp here (ThatCamp) here at the University of Western Ontario. We will definitely keep you posted on all the action that goes on this weekend.

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