Welcome to the Official CulturePlex Blog

The CulturePlex is a research lab at the University of Western Ontario that studies Cultural Complexity and Digital Humanities.  It is directed by Dr. Juan-Luis  Suarez and formed by a multidisciplinary team of researchers and doctoral students coming from very diverse academic and personal backgrounds.

There is always something interesting and exciting happening here at CulturePlex.  Today for example, Miriam Peña and Xavier Gamboa gave us an update of their Thesis progress during our regular Friday Presentations .  Miriam talked about some of the characteristics of the gracioso in Calderon de la Barca´s Theatre and Xavier presented what he defines as baroque political strategies during the time of Louis XIV in France.  Javier further claims that the modern corporations are resorting to the same strategies in order to promote themselves and their products.

This is just a small sample of the work that is being carried out at CulturePlex.  Visit us regularly and stay up to date with all the activity that goes on in our lab.

Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend!  Here in London, Ontario we sure are looking forward to what promises to be the very first spring weekend of the year (with adequate spring-like-weather that is).

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3 Responses to Welcome to the Official CulturePlex Blog

  1. Juan Luis Suárez says:

    Nice opening for the official blog of the Lab!!!

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  3. Mohammed Afana says:

    CulturePlex enrich our knowledge. Thank you for this opportunity!

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